Direct Marketing

As I have already written on the about me page. I have spent more than 30-years involved in Direct Marketing. During this time I have:

  • Sold mailing lists, envelopes, print and mailings
  • Worked for direct marketing agencies such as O&M
  • Founded, and sold, my own highly successful direct marketing agency
  • Purchased space for 1000’s of mail order and off-the-page ads
  • Written 1000’s of ads and direct mailings
  • Built databases for Pedigree Petfoods and Eurostar – to name but two
  • Helped businesses get top 10 results on Google

I used to love writing ads and counting the replies the following week. Even more, I loved writing a new headline for an ad to see if more people would reply to it.

It was terrific fun to create a database of cat owners and then send thousands of owners a Valentine Card ‘from their cat’. It was even more gratifying to see what this did to market share.

So you might think that I’m some sort of direct marketing expert. The trouble is that today’s direct marketing expert can quickly become a dinosaur. The business is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it. You need to continually measure results and test new things. If you don’t the market will overtake you.

And that’s the challenge I’ve enjoyed so much over the years and why I’m still learning and testing new things today.