Farewell Bruce Matthews

August 15, 2009

A few days ago I attended the funeral of Bruce Matthews, one of the first people to work in direct marketing in the UK. Bruce was the Managing Director of Wunderman in the early 1970’s when direct marketing was in its infancy and we were all learning new skills fast.

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SEO for Local Businesses

May 17, 2009

If you run a business that targets local customers you need to make sure you get a high search engine placement when someone does a search for one of your targeted keywords or phrases and the area where you’re located, e.g. Estate Agents Chelsea.

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James Joyce on Copywriting

April 11, 2009

James Joyce while writing his great novel Ulysses came down to dinner one evening and when asked how he was getting on, answered, “I’ve finished.” “What the book” his friend replied.

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SEM Made Easy

April 8, 2009

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is pretty straightforward if you understand direct marketing. And since I’ve been in direct marketing for most of my life, I think I have a head start on most people in the business.

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